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外型及聲線皆甜美非常的羅凱瑩,憑藉歌曲《When I fall in love》勇奪《第八屆至愛新聽力頒獎禮》至愛歌曲及最佳新聲獎,再於2015年榮獲《華語金曲獎》優秀新人獎。其清新無雜質的唱腔成為澳門樂壇的獨有品牌,羅凱瑩於2014年參加《中國好聲音》澳門區海選時成功進入十五強,決賽當日評判亦為她留燈。



Both the image and the voice of Viviana are extremely sweet. After receiving Best Song and Best Rookie at the 8th TDM Music Awards, she was awarded the Outstanding Rookie at Chinese Music Awards 2015. Her refreshing, purified voice is a unique label set her apart from other singers in Macau. In 2014, she participated in the Macau audition of The Voice of China - becoming one of the final fifteen, in the final rounds judges had shown their appreciation towards her beautiful voice.

Viviana’s first solo album The Happy Future released in 2016 was a success. She is now showing her music talents via different Channels such as Guangzhou Traffic Radio and Panyu Radio.